Charlotte Holiday Electrical Safety

The winter holiday season bring with it many wonderful cherished family traditions. many of these hinge on elaborate decorations both indoors and outdoors that require electricity to work. With that, brings the need for increased knowledge of practicing safe electrical usage during the holiday time here in the greater Charlotte NC area.

We certainly would not want a home fire or any type of electrical repair to add a sour note to any of our customers’ holiday festivities this year. So with that in mind, here are some electrical safety tips.

Charlotte Electrician Holiday Safety AdviceCharlotte Home Holiday Electrical Safety

1. Take a good look at ones decorations before hanging them up and plugging them in. Look for any worn or bare electrical cords, or loose plugs. Repair any thing that looks like it might be damaged before plugging it in. Also make sure any extension cords being used are the correct amperage rating for what is being plugged in to them. It is always advisable to have all electrical items be an Underwriters Laboratories tested item.

2. Be careful not to overload the outlets. This is one of the leading causes for home fires during the holiday season. Only one high wattage appliance should be plugged into any one outlet.

3. Another best practice is to never go to bed or leave the home while any decoration lights are still on. Even if everything using electricity has been working fine so far during the holiday season, doesn’t mean it will throughout the entire holiday season. Obviously it is easier to manage a home fire due to electrical issues if one is home when it happens!

4. The National Fire Protection Association says that almost half of fires caused at home by decorations are due to the use of candles. Because of this, Residential Electrician Charlotte NC suggests using battery operated candles in their place.

5. Beside the incorrect use of electrical decorations being a cause of home fires, the improper use of home heating devices is also a cause of fires. When using electric space heaters, do not use them with extension cords, and keep flammable objects, including wrapping paper and live Christmas trees, at least three feet away.

6. Make sure cords are free from being damaged. Do not pinch cords under doors or by furniture. Make sure cords are not crossing high traffic areas where people can trip over them, and make sure they have enough room to too.

7. Make sure all smokeĀ alarms and a carbon monoxide detector are all working correctly. With the use of home heating appliances in the winter months, there is the increased possibility of carbon monoxide gasses developing within the home. And, with the increase of electric devices and decorations, there is an increase of fires too.

Do not hesitate to contact your favoriteĀ Electrician Charlotte NC with any questions you have have!