Christmas Light Safety

Keep the festivities and spirit of this holiday season magical. Holiday decorations are beautiful and add a little magic to this beautiful time of year. But, these wonderful additions can be extremely hazardous if not properly managed. Don’t just assume that lights from previous seasons or brand new lights, for that matter, are safe to use. By just doing a little research and understanding as much as possible able holiday lights, you can save yourself and your family from the biggest holiday hazard suggests Electrician Charlotte NC.Electrician Charlotte Christmas Light Safety

The CPSC or United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, has brought about research that estimates more than twelve thousand emergency room visits during the holiday season are related to holiday lighting. Some of these injuries are due to electric shocks while others are caused by falling while setting light up. In order to avoid some of the dangers related to electricity, it is important to know what to look for when purchasing lights and how to properly manage lights through the seasons.

First, when purchasing lights, make sure to look for a label that assures the lights meet national safety standards. Before purchasing holiday lights, quickly research some recognized testing labs so you know exactly what labels to look for. While the CPSC has blocked more than one hundred thousand units of lighting that were not labeled, some still manage to find their way on the shelves. These lights do not meet safety standards and could potentially be hazardous.

Once you have purchased a set of lights labeled by a reputable testing lab, it is still important to inspect the lights before stringing them up. Fused plugs are very important for holiday lights because if there is a power surge, the fuse with cut off the current of electricity to the lights preventing a shock or even a fire.

When setting up, make sure to use lights properly. Lights labeled for outdoor use should only be used outdoors while lights rated for indoor use should ony be used indoors. In addition, outdoor outlets should be protected by ground fault circuit interrupters before plugging holiday lights in. You should definitely consider having an electrician inspect the circuits before decorating your home.

After your Christmas decorations have been in boxes and bags and stored away all year long, it is important to adequately inspect the lights before setting them up again. Make sure that there are no bare or frayed wires. And check for burnt out bulbs. If there are burnt out bulbs you must use the same wattage replacement bulbs. If tried and true strands of lights come out this year with slight damage, just throw them out. Taking a risk with an old strand may come with a heavy consequence.

A couple of additional tips and suggestions when dealing with Christmas lights, do not string electric lights onto a metal tree as faulty wires could transfer an electric charge to the tree. This could result in a minor shock to those you come in contact with the tree, a severe electrocution, or it could possibly lead to a fire. And pay attention to excessive extension cord usage. There are different extension cords made for different purposes. Make sure your intended usage for the extension cord matches what the cord is labeled to be used for. Likewise, pay attention to just how many light strands are running from any one extension cord. There should never be more than three standard length strands in one cord.

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