Ways to Cut Charlotte Energy Expenses

When spring times warmer temperatures happen, one may want to consider thinking about some different ways to cut electricity costs in his or her Charlotte NC home. Staying cool can be expensive but with a few helpful tips from us, your energy bill could drop considerably. Lowering one’s electric bill is as easy as changing a few small habits and maybe replacing a few light bulbs. Trust us, it will be well worth it!  Here is your Electrician Charlotte NC guide:

Using More Energy Efficient Products

This is the most expensive way to cut costs, but it also yields the quickest results and has the biggest impact on one’s monthly bill, and for years to come. Energy Star products are clearly marked and are the best and most efficient products and appliances on the market. Switching out appliances like fans, air conditioning units, electronics, and refrigerators can save a ton of money for years! Additionally, switching all light bulbs for compact bulbs and fluorescent bulbs will help tremendously.

Turn it Off if it’s Not in Use

Another way to save money this season is to change some of your habits. Making sure to turn lights off if no one is in a room goes without saying, but also pay attention to what lights are on at any given time. Look for ways to make use of more natural light and use small lighting fixtures where and when needed instead of having one or more overhead lights on. Also keep appliances unplugged if they are not in use. Things like game consoles, phone chargers, and lamps use a small amount of energy even when they are not being used. It may seem like a hassle and will, definitely take some getting used to, we know. But if you are looking to save some extra money this season, this is a really good way to do so.Charlotte NC Electrican

Thermostat Setting Guidelines

There are a few things that one can try out concerning the air conditioning, itself, to try to save a little bit of money, as well. Figure out what the warmest temperature is inside the house, while still remaining comfortable. Raising the temperature, even by a couple of degrees, could make a difference each month. If there are vacations planned or if there is no one home for many hours during the day because of school or work, consider bumping the temperature up then. However, do not adjust the temperature more than a couple of degrees in a day. This will cause the unit to work harder and use more energy.

Utilizing Ceiling Fans

When sorting out what temperature suits the household best, try out ceilings fans, first. If a fan will make everyone in the home comfortable, why turn on the air conditioning and waste energy? However, do not forget to turn the fan off once the room is empty. Also, depending on the season, fans usually come equipped with pulls that can alter the rotation direction of the blades. For summer, the fan should be rotating counterclockwise, when viewed from the floor.
There are many other tips and tricks and helpful guidelines to follow at home to help save money and conserve energy that your Charlotte Electrician recommends.  Give us a call today to learn more.

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